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#12 Sexuality


Religion and tradition have long dictated human sexuality. As generations continue to reinterpret and redefine culture, conversations continuously evolve. Centuries even decades ago religion and matters of the state worked hand in hand; today many nations have taken the preemptive decision to separate the two. As the world becomes more global and several religions coexist in our neighbourhoods it would simply be too conflicting to allow one religion establish the law. As many states continue to govern, in-dependent of religion, politics has begun to become the definitive voice in establishing the acceptability of intimacy.

Like a capricious lover, sexuality has many faces, one that is kind and loving, another that is malicious and cruel, one that is yet to be discovered. In the Sexuality issue we explore sexuality’s many faces. We celebrate the beauty that lies in consenting and safe intimacy between adults. We deliberate on how to tackle and discuss rape, forced marriage and homophobia. We imagine a world where sexuality is unburdened of our social and personal complexes.