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OURS PRESENTS 3D PRINTING TO WELCOME THE PRACTICAL ISSUE, WITH COCKTAILS, CULTURE & CURIOSITIES. On October 1, 2015 we welcome the 10th issue. For those of you who have been to one of our events you know the drill. First we travel your minds to somewhere inspirational or insane then we drink, dance and laugh […]

OURS Magazine Pre-Launch Even

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About the Gender Roles Issue

…in the words of the editors   From the moment we are pushed, or pulled, into this world we are defined, delimited, restricted. The primary criteria that serve as the basis of this delimitation are drawn from a seemingly reliable source: the possession of female and/or male genitalia i.e. our biological sex. Biological sex is […]

Make OURS Yours

The conscious and critical magazine for the curious citizen Geneva, 30 January 2014 – The Switzerland-based start-up Omini & Co. announced today the release of the premier issue of their magazine OURS, available both online and in print with 12,000 copies. An English-language bi-monthly with societal and artistic content, OURS Magazine will be featuring a wide […]