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#11 Thirsty


The Thirsty issue marks the start of OURS’ third year. Thank you. Thank you to all our loyal readers who have shared their work, opinions and inspirations. Thank you for keeping this publication alive and strong, we editors create and gather information for you. For those of you who are reading your first issue of OURS, welcome to our multicultural, international community of critical thinkers and creators, we are honoured that you join us.


In this issue we do what we always do. In Think Thank we critique systems that must change and shine light on humanitarians making a change, in Creators we celebrate talents that must be seen and heard and in Wanderer we travel the mind and the soul to a place of ease and escape.


In exploring the term Thirsty, we dive into the frightening reality of our depleting fresh water systems, the disturbing disparities between rich and poor, and the desperation that exists at times, within all of us.



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