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#10 Practical


Practicality is often discussed, yet even amongst the most intelligent thinkers, it is rarely achieved. The notion of practicality has in itself become a theoretical construct, and one that society has never put into practice. The impartiality of our world and the systems that govern us is omnipresent. There is nothing practical about our justice systems – tarnished with human bias incriminating the innocent. There is nothing practical about our medical systems thriving on gaining wealth from the sick. There is nothing practical about the modes of behaviour.

Every year for the past decade a new iPhone is released, each time better and faster, featuring new technologies that renders it only more practical. Yet, every year for the past decade our fellow human beings continue to work in factories, coping with strenuous and inhumane conditions, and still making little to nothing.

Every year for the past decade, expensive universities admit students, educate and develop their young minds, and then ultimately send them off into the world.

Every year for the past decade students graduate from university, there are fewer and fewer jobs, and unemployment rates continue to steadily increase.

Every year for the past decade, wars rage on as people gather behind false leaders with money and wealth on their minds. How and when can our society begin to be practical?